In the past, concrete had a reputation for a very standard, grey and somewhat uninspiring look. Concrete has always brought visions of a stable and economic material, but it wouldn’t win any points for originality. Nowadays, the design choices are endless. You can have the cost effectiveness and long term durability of concrete with beautiful and elegant designs that will impress anyone that comes to your Home. 

Decorative Concrete Types

Decorative Concrete Types

Every home and property is different, with its own unique and individual character. With so many different decorative concrete types and techniques, we are able to add a new structure to your home that really compliments the overall landscape. Each project is a one of a kind work of art that will transform your property. Patios, pool decks, walkways or even countertops and driveways can take on a whole new life. Our team has years of experience installing decorative concrete Jacksonville FL and are some of the most talented in the area. Here are some examples of different styles and techniques to get you excited for your new project. 

Acid Stain

This staining process will transform the concrete from the standard grey hues into any color or tone you can imagine. The effect leaves a luxurious impression that can instantly transform the entire room or area. 

This is a beautiful method that cannot be replicated through any standard painting techniques. Acid staining should only be attempted by professionals. We have been staining concrete Jacksonville FL for years and know how to properly create the color affects you want. 

Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete is a popular technique that adds texture and patterns to the structure. The concrete takes on the look and characteristics of stone, brick, cobblestone or even more natural substances like wood, shells, and fossils. The opportunities are endless in the hands of skilled professionals. We can add a visually striking effect to your patio or walkway that will always bring compliments from your guests. 

Polished Concrete

Polished concrete can have an amazing effect that sets your property apart from the standard fixtures. 

This style is becoming immensely popular in homes and businesses for good reason. The finished product is a high gloss, visually striking texture that never needs wax or coatings, all while maintaining the structural superiority that concrete is known for. 

The process for polished concrete has several steps. The concrete flooring is first mechanically ground down before it is honed and polished. Finally a hardener agent is added that is absorbed by the concrete, leaving it with a dust proof surface. The finished result is a highly polished texture that looks simply amazing in any business or home. 

Decorative Concrete Repairs

Decorative Concrete Repairs

If you have a previous project that needs a touch up or has some structural damage, we will gladly come survey your property and let you know the best course of action. We are the best professionals for decorative concrete repair Jacksonville FL.