Sidewalks Jacksonville Fl


When your family come to your home, or clients come to your place of business, the first thing they notice is your sidewalks. Cracked, broken, weed covered sidewalks make a horrible first impression for someone coming to your home or business for the first time. 

In addition, sidewalks that are cracked or have potholes are a major liability if left unchecked. They are unsafe for pedestrians to walk on and many people that use wheelchairs or walkers will be completely unable to use them at all. If your sidewalks are starting to look like a war zone, it’s time to replace them. 

If you need a professional’s opinion or quote, we can come inspect any concrete sidewalks in Jacksonville FL. 

Our Concrete Sidewalks are far from Standard

Concrete Sidewalks

If it’s time to replace your old sidewalks, think of this as an excellent opportunity to consider your options. Sidewalks can be so much more than the standard 90 degree angles reminiscent of a schoolyard. You don’t have to settle for the same old sidewalks that have been around forever. 

In this area, the best choice is always concrete. Jacksonville is known for having mild winters, and this eliminates any risk of cracking in cold temperatures that other regions have to be wary of. In addition, there are numerous decorative styles to choose from. Our team utilizes stamped concrete patterns and staining to transform your walkways from standard to exceptional. 

A walkway through your garden can become a beautiful winding cobblestone road that is elegant and picturesque. We can create a stamped brick sidewalk that wraps around your pagoda, creating an amazing location that is fit to get married in. The options are simply endless. 

There are numerous different decorative options for you to consider if it’s time to install new sidewalks. 

For every project we take on, we ensure complete structural support and environmental safety. Every new addition to your home is first surveyed, and planned for before any action is taken. When we work for you, we make sure the job is performed in a manner that is clean, fast, and cost effective. This is while ensuring that every structure we build is made to last. We promise no detail is overlooked when we take on a project for you. 

What can you do With Your Existing Sidewalks?

Sidewalk Repair in Jacksonville FL

If your driveway is looking unsightly, its probably time to replace it. A broken up old driveway really takes the appeal from your home. It can also be hazardous to both your family and your vehicles. 

Cracking, sinking or potholes can occur overtime from numerous issues. Small cracks can be sealed or filled up, but deeper and wider cracks should be handled professionally before they expand and become more of a liability. These are serious issues that only get worse overtime if left unattended to. 

Luckily, if you accidentally crack your driveway, or need to replace some old sections, we handle any concrete driveway repair in the Jacksonville

FL area. We take the same time and consideration when doing repairs as we do when installing a brand new driveway. Your repair will fit seamlessly into the existing structure and replace any unsightly cracks or holes.